servlet-paths has details on the return values of the various servlet URL path methods.

Struts2 give detail of what I learned when first using Struts2.

Kerosene Providers a list of local companies to supply my heating oil.

Zoom RT-323 Battery Problem My Zoom RT-323 resets quite often on battery power. Possible solution here.

My XGEdit Registration nearly lost this and it's no longer supported, so better store it here for safe-keeping.

My XP Compaq Deskpro Specs some technical info for the motherboard of my Compaq Deskpro.

House Window Sizes lists the sizes of our house windows.

Code Snippets some bits of code that might come in handy for testing.

Some General Notes just a place to jot down odds and ends.

Sony Ericsson Java some notes on developing for my Sony Ericsson phone.

Interesting People a list of interesting people and links to resources.

Delivering Mobile Content some notes on what's required to deliver wallpapers, ringtones, videos etc.

Design Notes the basics of design theory, tips, and best-practises.

Things I Want to Shout

The only country ever to have used nuclear weapons in an act of aggression is the United States of America. They did this twice, and had plans to carry out many more bombings, had Japan not agreed to surrender. Hundreds of thousands of civilians were killed as a result.

Democracy isn't about elections between a multitude of political parties; it's about referenda. It's therefore surprising to me that referenda are the least used tools of western democracies. I'd like to think that, as technology makes voting simpler to administer, this will change, but it probably won't! Currently, parties win on the support of the largest minority, not the majority. I don't care about parties; they rarely have consistent policies and rarely honour the promises they make. I care about issues, and a referendum is a definitive answer on public opinion.

That said, we only have to look at how long John Sargent and Anne Widdecombe stayed in Strictly to know what happens when the population gets to wield its power. At least it usually comes right in the end.

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