Sony Ericsson Java

My K810i is a Java Platform 7 device. This supports the following JSRs: -

MIDP 2.0
CLDC 1.1
JSR-120 (WMA)
Nokia UI API 1.1
JSR-184 (Mobile 3D)
Mascot Capsule V3
JSR-75 (File/PIM)
JSR-82 (Bluetooth)
JSR-172 (Webservices)
JSR-205 (WMA 2.0)
JSR-234 (AMS, Camera capabilities only)

VSCL 2.0 (V630)

Used by:-
(178 x 220) K610, K618, V630, Z610, W610, W660, W710, Z710, K530, K550
(240 x 320) K770, K790, K800, K810/K818, S500, T650/T658, W580, W830, W850, W880/W888
Also by the Z310, but without several of the listed JSRs.

Codes for hidden menus

Service Menu >*«*<*
Network Unlock << or *<<

Some info on Service Indicators

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