Mobile Url Schemes

The WTAI URI scheme is as follows:
wtai://<library>/<function> (; <parameter>)* [! <result>]
Scheme Definition:
<> Denotes an enumerated operator.
[] Denotes an optional section.
I Denotes a pair of mutually exclusive options.
( )* Repeat none or multiple items.
*( ) Repeat one or multiple items.
library Name that identifies the library type, WTA Public uses library “wp”.
function Function within a library, for example, “mc” for function “make call” in “wp”
parameter Zero or more parameters sent to a function; should be delineated by a
semicolon “;”.
result Start of result defined by “!”. Optional.

Click to Dial by WTA 'wtai:wp/mc;number', e.g. <a href="wtai:wp/mc;5551212">Call 5551212</a>
Add to Phone Book by WTA 'wtai:wp/ap;number;name', e.g. <a href="wtai:wp/ap;5551212;My Company">Add 5551212 to address book</a>

Dial by Tel scheme, 'tel:number', e.g. <a href="tel:12345678">12345678</a>

Dial by Cti (iMode) scheme, 'cti:character string', e.g. <a href="tel:9,,12345678/*5">Call our automated response line</a> where # and * can be sent, and , denotes a 1-second pause, and / denotes a 'prompt and wait for key-press' from the user.

SMS by Sms scheme 'sms:number?body=some text', e.g. <a href="sms:0800500500?body=Hi">Click to send message</a>

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