Bad Experience With Simply Supplements

I ordered a 2 for 1 offer of 5HTP with St John's Wort from Simply Supplements ( The product I ordered was 200mg 5HTP/100mg St John's Wort at £7.95. The product I was sent was 15mg 5HTP/200mg St John's Wort. There was no mention of a change of product.

When I contacted them to complain, stating that the product sent was of no use to me, they sent me more of the same product for my inconvenience. I pointed out that this was more of the same product that I had no use for, so they agreed to send an alternative product of my choice (they didn't have the product that I originally ordered). I asked for Selenium and/or Zinc. I was sent a single bottle of Selenium that had a retail value of around £1.30.

When I again complained that this was unfair, I was asked to return all unopened bottles in order for me to order some further products. This I did, at a cost of £1. I've had no contact from them since, despite e-mailing them twice.

Therefore, in short, I've spent £9.00 plus the cost of a letter, and spent a ridiculous amount of time dealing with this, and have a single bottle of Selenium worth around £1.30 to show for it.

Simply Supplements are the worst company I've ever dealt with on the Internet, and I've been using the on-line since 1994. I've never had to go to anywhere like these extremes to simply get what I have paid for.

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